How do You Keep Digital Data Safe?

The amount of data we create increases every day, week, month, and year. If we input data daily, like what writers do, by year end, we’d have created thousands of new data and information. Data here does not pertain only to office details and the like; it also includes original data like articles your write, videos you take, and photos you capture. Every single thing that you post online or store in your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device is valuable data. All these are valuable to you (and to your company, if it applies). Therefore, you should do everything possible to keep your data safe not only from online pirates but also from damage and viruses. To keep your data safe, here are several tips you can take heed of.

Purchase an External Drive


If you do not have one yet, get yourself a reliable external drive. Be sure to choose one with a high storage capacity so you can store as many files as you can. Use your external drive as backup for your files. Transfer them into the external drive to make sure they are safe even when your laptop or mobile device is damaged, lost, or stolen.


Perform Regular Backups on Your System

After you have performed the initial backup of your system, be sure to schedule regular backups. These automatic backups are necessary because you will be adding and changing data from time-to-time. Aside from ensuring the safety of your data, regular incremental backups will also help you save significant space as the process stores only whatever new data has been entered into your system.

Make Use of Cloud Storage




Aside from using an external hard drive, it is also important to using the Cloud for backup. Keep your Cloud data safe by encrypting it. Likewise, create a secondary backup if you want your data to be safe from damage.

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