Have you ever experienced losing data because you cannot access it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone? Inaccessible or damaged data can actually be saved, especially if it is stored in external and internal hard drives, flash drives (USB), and SSDs or solid-state drives, among others. This is what we specialize in here at iGood Soft.


Established and launched in 2000, iGood Soft has the answer to all your data recovery needs. Whether the data loss is due to storage device malfunction, or the accidental deletion of a file, file damage, or failure of the OS (operating system), we are the help you need. We have the right tools and programs needed to ensure that your lost data will be accessible in no time. Our products and services are trusted by numerous companies, organizations, and individuals. This is because iGood Soft has extensive experience, not only in data recovery but in computer forensics as well.

iGood Soft has more or less 10,000 online users. In addition to this, our products are also sold in several countries, including USA, Canada, and UK.

Our products and services are trusted by IT specialists, business leaders, startups, and established companies (IT and non-IT related). iGood Soft’s technical team is composed of highly experienced professionals who value customer satisfaction. Our management team has some of the best leaders in the industry.

iGood Soft is your gateway to data recovery.